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Airport consulting

planning, design, certification and operation

Our consulting services

Based on a long-time project experience regarding the planning, design, certification and operation of airports worldwide, the airport consulting division is another key focus at Avipro. The conduction of expert reports, studies and analysis for all aspects of aviation is one of Avipro. Among others, our service portfolio contains the following:

✈ Airport planning & design
✈ Operational project management service in aviation
✈ Support on acceptance & certification procedures
✈ Project management & handling
✈ Development of software solutions to support official acceptance procedures by aviation authorities.

Examples of what we can offer

The conduction of expert’s reports, studies and analysis for all aspects of aviation is one of our key focusses.

With the successful accomplishment of several national as well as international projects, aviare established itself on the market with a remarkable expertise. Beneath operational concerns, the following contents could be handled within our wide service portfolio:

✈ Obstacles, safety, risk, capacity, noise
✈ Operational concerns - ATM & flight procedures and Airport operations
✈ Aeronautical studies (ref. ICAO Doc 9774)
✈ Deviation Acceptance & Action Document (ref. EASA)
✈ Technical analyses & calculations.

Due to the latest reformation of the European legal regulation basis concerning aviation, high impacts on all involved parties will become visible in the very near future. Especially concerning airport infrastructure, the amendment is applicable to all sides, the airport operator, the airport infrastructure as well as the appropriate authority.

Following countless successful conducted projects in terms of certification on airport infrastructure, we acquired an outstanding expertise within this very special aviation topic. After many projects, we know both sides, authority as well as airport. We stand side by side with our customers to manage your individual project.

Our integrated service portfolio concerning the implementation of EASA standards:

✈ Compliance checks (EASA/ICAO)
✈ Preparation, consulting and project management concerning EASA audit procedures
✈ Conduction of studies, analysis and DAADs (Deviation Acceptance & Action Documents ref. EASA)
✈ Management on official acceptance procedures and certification processes ref. EASA

Aviation Certification Administration Tool

Currently, we are developing a highly specialized software tool to support the individual implementation of EASA standards in aviation.

Based on state-of-the-art database technology, a web-based application has been designed to document, control, plan and manage all processes within a single software solution. All management-, organizational- as well as certification-related procedures can be handled out of the box. Due to the high individuality and customer-oriented modularity, the system is perfectly applicable to authorities as well as airport operators. Using its unique features, avia.CAT will document your complete EASA certification process right from the beginning.

avia.CAT features:

✈ Central documentation solution to manage:
     ✈ Implementing rules
     ✈ Certification specifications
     ✈ Verification procedures
     ✈ Process chain and workflow management
✈ Extensive reporting interface functions
✈ Web-based system: Use the system via your browser
✈ Management on official acceptance procedures and certification processes ref. EASA

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