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Flight Training

tailored training with expert and experienced instructors

Flight Training

Train in our B737NG flight simulator, alongside expert, friendly instructors. We provide instructor-led, multi-crew exercises. We can offer training that is aligned with your specific requirements.

Whether you need a refresher course or recertification, we can help you to train in realistic environments with typical scenarios to enhance skills such as decision making, leadership and communication.

Flight training in our B737NG fixed based simulator provides tailored training to suit you at all stages in your flying career. Regardless if it is preparing for an airline simulator assessment, line orientation or command training, our expert and experienced instructors are available to assist you in every way possible for you to succeed.

So far, we have a 100% job placement ratio from customers who have either taken our SAT or our JOC before arriving at their assessment and interview and we are very happy for this.