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Operational safety

consulting services in aviation and non aviation

Operational safety

Operational safety consulting in aviation such as consulting services for airlines, airports, authorities, and other non-aviation companies. With a long term experience in aviation safety and aeronautical operations, we can offer a wide range of knowledge concerning operational safety issues and standards.

Paired with the expertise of NTSB-certified staff in aircraft accident investigation terms as well as excellent contacts to a variety of pilots, air traffic controllers and operator personal, a huge resource of safety related experience can be offered to clients, such as:

✈ Accident & Incident Investigations
✈ Risk & Safety Assessments
✈ Threat & Error Management
✈ Standard Operational Procedures
✈ Customized Training

Examples Of What We Can Offer

The key to an effective investigation / root cause analysis is having an objective and repeatable procedure that produces verifiably accurate results. The results should be a product of the process itself, not the opinions or assumptions of the analyst. It should uncover all root causes and, therefore, provide all the realistic solution options. If the method is one that permits the analyst to pick the particular cause that he considers the most important, thereby filtering out other root causes, the options available to the decision-maker are consequently, limited.

We adopt a repeatable root cause analysis process so well designed that the best elements of the classical approaches are integrated into a single streamlined logic procedure. This process is not simply multiple lesser processes done after one another and stitched into a ‘mega’ process. It is a directed logic thinking process that is governed by logic rules, instead of lists, opinions, or pre-conceptions. Because of this, it can be applied to issues ranging from human performance to operations issues, from industries ranging from space exploration to cheese making.

Incident investigation is a process for reporting, tracking, and investigating incidents that include a formal process for investigating incidents, including staffing, performing, documenting, and tracking investigations of process safety incidents and the trending of incident and incident investigation data to identify recurring incidents.

The incident's element is not a process to assign blame, but a process to develop effective recommendations to address the underlying, system-related causes of incidents in order to identify and eliminate it from escalating into an accident.

Root Cause Analysis is a process or procedure that helps guide people to discover and understand the initiating causes of a problem, with the goal of determining missing or inadequately applied controls that will prevent recurrence.

Effective risk assessment is increasingly important to the success of any business. Risk assessment forms the foundation of an effective enterprise risk management program. At Avipro, we mainly focus on the aviation area. However, our methods are fully adaptable to any high-performance operational business.

Risk assessment is a systematic process for identifying and evaluating events that could affect the achievement of the objectives, positively or negatively. Such events can be identified in the external environment and within an organization’s internal environment. When these events intersect with an organization’s objectives or can be predicted to do so they become risks. Risk is therefore defined as: “the possibility that an event will occur and adversely affect the achievement of objectives.”

Why should you be conducting risk & safety assessments?
✈ To spot unsafe conditions and equipment
✈ To focus on unsafe work practices or behavior trends before they lead to incidents or accidents
✈ Reveal the need for new safety procedures etc.
✈ Memory: accuracy of short-term memory recall and ability to 'chunk’ information.
✈ To provide a safe environment and operation.

At Avipro, we can offer services and training within many safety-related areas in almost any type of operational business, aviation or non-aviation. In areas where there is a need for an assessment of risk and threats, in businesses that need to set up a standard on how operations work, or how decision making is done. We can assist with this.

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