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Simulator Assessment Training

prepare and gain confidence

B737 Assessment Training

Our friendly, expert instructors will help you prepare with patience and understanding, you could not ask for a better place to prepare for your assessment.

Airline simulator assessment training include a full handling and profile briefing prior to the simulator session. Including a full debrief after the simulator session. We align your training to the specific airline check profiles and tailored to your needs.

In combination with our B737NG simulator and instructors you will get the highest level of input to get through your assessment. The structure of our sessions is based around your current experience, designed to help you prepare for your simulator check ride. All our sessions are made on the B737NG series of aircraft but the simulator has capability to prep for also in EFIS layout as well as all other check rides typically done on the B737 series of aircraft.

Our instructors are highly experience on type, and will help you become fully familiar with the Boeing type philosophy and general operating procedures. A lot of check rides will fall into different categories, some pilots, if already type rated on another A/C type will often be asked to fly by current SOPS. However most check rides will require you to learn and fly a new set of SOPS.

Do not fail to prepare - give yourself the best possible chance of passing the assessment and turn the assessment into a job offer.

SAT options

The SAT 2 is targeting the single pilot training that together with our instructor will give you the practice in the role as Pilot Flying (PF). During this session, you will gain knowledge in the management of the Boeing 737 aircraft and operational procedures that, for instance, Ryanair uses in their pilot assessments.

The SAT 2 includes:
✈ 60 min. briefing
✈ 120 min simulator
✈ 30 min debriefing.

Price: 620.00 €

The SAT 3 is possible to combine with another pilot to train CRM and the role as Pilot Monitoring (PM), alternatively just as SAT 2 but with more flying time. If you do not have previous experience of flying jet aircrafts, this is probably the better choice between SAT 2 and SAT 3 in order to get as much practice to handle an aircraft like the Boeing 737.

The SAT 3 includes:
✈ 60 min. briefing
✈ 180 min simulator
✈ 30 min debriefing.

Price: 810.00 €

The SAT 4 can either be divided into two SAT 2 sessions were two pilots split the duties as PM and PF, or we can assign an extra pilot who can split the duties according to your request where the possibility to practice CRM and/or LOFT during these four hours.

The SAT 4 includes:
✈ 60 min. briefing
✈ 240 min simulator
✈ 30 min debriefing.

Price: 990.00 €

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